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N-Gaged support Gloucester Job centre to train staff for Holiday Inn & Beefeater


N-Gaged Training recently ran a course in Gloucester for the Holiday Inn and Beefeater, supporting the local Job Centre to provide trained staff for the opening of their new Hotel & Restaurant. They had a massive group of 21 candidates who attended a two week course run by Chris Morgan, a Tutor at N-Gaged Training and Brian Williams, who supported these sessions, also from N-Gaged Training. As a result 19 of the 21 candidates have been offered jobs!

This is an outstanding achievement for everyone involved in the course, with both the Job centre and the employer being delighted with the results. The Job Centre in Gloucester have never had success like this before!

A massive well done to Chris Morgan and Brian Williams for their hard work and dedication to this group of learners!

Since this success N-Gaged have received some excellent feedback from both the Job Centre and the learners. Here are a few of the emails N-Gaged received:


"Hi Chris

I have to say it again. THANKYOU!! so much.

I can now start my life. you've gave me everything and more



"Thank you for these past 2 weeks. You and Brian Really have helped me step out of my comfort zone! There was a point around a month ago, id given up all hope for my future, I was starting to think I was going to be an agoraphobic for the rest of my life. you really have helped me. Like you wouldn't believe. Im starting to feel like me again."


"Alright Chris it's ***** thanks for everything over the past couple of weeks it's been great! Also I got offered a trial shift on sunday😁"


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